Sep 302008

I woke up bright and early, threw on some clothes and turned on Wii Fit. As the system loaded I picked sleep boogers out of my eyes and tried to get my brain ready to go.

My body test was very easy. I walked in place for 20 paces while the board measured my balance and weight distribution. Then I shifted my balance around to move a red dot and hit some blue squares on the screen. My Wii Fit age was 26! Whoa. Considering I’m 27, I was pleased with this. My weight had increased another pound which made me scream a bit on the inside, but I couldn’t sit around worrying about it.

My workout was more of the same from last night, except I unlocked the Advanced Hula Hoop game (you do 3 minutes instead of 1.5) and also a balance game where you navigate a bubble containing your Mii through a river obstacle course. I didn’t have enough time to complete 30 minutes, so I will do more tonight when I get home.

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