Sep 302008

Last night when I got home from work I fired up the Wii to do my workout. I went through all the yoga poses I had unlocked to that point, and then moved on to strength training. In strength training I did everything except the push-up/plank position exercise. I have carpal tunnel and that exercises would’ve been just too painful.

After that I did all of the balance games (most of these are actually pretty fun) and the aerobics. At the insistence of Joey I did jogging again, but I hate it still. In total I worked out for 30 minutes. This doesn’t count time spent in between listening to tutorials and repositioning the board. For me a 30 minute workout takes about an hour to complete, but I’m sure this will change as I progress.

I did my body test, and nearly was suicidal when I saw the results. I had gained nearly 2 pounds, and my Wii Fit age was now up to 41. I tried to tell myself a lot of this was from doing my 30 minute workout after working a full day, but it was little consolation. As I showered off I decided Tuesday morning I would do the test, then work out.

Oh, I should also mention my diet has changed a bit too. I’m at about 1000 calories a day.

How I Feel: Bitter and angry! The directions on my body test weren’t very specific, and I messed it up. I am sure that’s what earned me my 41 WF Age. I already feel 50 thanks to the gray hairs at my temples! I also feel like Nintendo dropped the ball by not advising us if it would be better to do the test before or after your training. The small weight gain could be due to a lot of things, like time of day, etc. I will be revising my routine tomorrow and hope for better results.

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