Sep 282008

Since Wii Fit was released in the U.S. it has been pretty impossible to find. People on eBay are selling it for 2 to 4 times the retail value (which is already a hefty $89.99) and every major and minor retailer has been out. I was mildly put off by this, and Joey was downright obsessed with getting one.

We go to the Target by our home a lot to pick up odds and ends. It’s a little expensive, but it’s a five minute walk and it beats the hell out of shopping at 7 Eleven. Since Wii Fit was released, Joey has made it a ritual to check in the electronics department to see if they have one in stock. Even if we’re there more than once a day (which happens more than I’d like to admit) he still checks, knowing good and well they won’t have one.

Yesterday we were quite surprised to find 3 Wii Fit units in stock. We purchased one immediately and headed home to set it up.

The first thing the system has you do is input some basic information…height, age, etc. Then it weighs you. It seemed to be a pretty accurate measurement of my weight, unfortunately. I weighed in at a whopping 281 pounds. This means I’ve gained about 20 ponds since my last visit to the doctor….yikes!

Next thing you do is measure your BMI, and the system tells you what happens to fatties who don’t take care of themselves, and encourages you to set a weight loss goal based on what is considered to be a healthy BMI for someone your height and weight. I set my goal to lose 20 pounds in 2 months, which seems a bit lofty to me. Good thing you can edit your goal later.

The next thing you do are some basic balance exercises so the Wii can figure out how far off your center of balance is. Another lecture follows soon after. Once you’re all setup there is a brief explanation of the “games” and exercises available, and how you go about unlocking them.

The first thing I did was a hula hoop exercise. You stand on the balance board and twirl your hips in a circle and lean left or right at the appropriate times to make your Mii catch extra hoops being tossed to you. This was surprisingly effective at making my tummy muscles hurt (no pain, no gain).

I experimented with a few other exercises, such as leaning left or right to hit soccer balls with my Mii’s head, or a DDR-esque step aerobics session. Also there is a run-in-place exercise that was really boring and easy to cheat.

The yoga section was difficult, but helpful. Yoga involves a lot of balancing and even weight distribution and it’s hard to tell if you’re doing it correctly. The Wii gives you some much-needed feedback and helps you do the poses correctly.

Today I am going to work on aerobics some more and try some strength training. I’ll post about that later.

How I Feel: I’m a little sad the Wii Fit’s developers felt the need to morph your Mii based on your BMI. After my initial weigh in my Mii was basically a perfect sphere, which is not an acurate representation of how I look by any means. I have a pretty negative opinion of how I look, so for me to say this cartoon version of myself looked bad you have to understand it was BAD.

I also am surprised at how strange it feels to stand with your weight balanced and centered. Many times I felt like I had to lean forward over the front edge of the board to stay centered. So why don’t I usually look like I’m always about ready to fall backward, kind of like the V8 commercials?

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