Sep 252008

Before anyone starts reading this, you should know music isn’t the kind of thing I’m used to reviewing. I’m not an expert, but I know what I like.

What I like is the deeply honest, sometimes uplifting, sometimes saddening music of Dana Fuchs. I was first introduced to Dana by the movie Across the Universe. Each time I heard her sing in the movie, I found myself asking aloud, “Wow, who the fuck is that?”

After listening to both albums (Lonely for a Lifetime, Live in NYC) I quickly found out who she was. There was a lot I liked aside from the lyrical style, which I feel is somewhere on the borders of rock/blues/folk. Dana’s raw and husky voice, when coupled with her ability to let out visceral screams at just the right moment won me over almost instantly.

Recently, I attended a live performance of hers, with Jon Diamond on guitar and harmonica. Despite the shortcomings of the venue (House of Blues “back porch” stage = fail. Imagine attending a concert in the bar of a TGI Fridays on a Saturday night), Dana and Jon held me and the rest of the people packed into the full house captive for over an hour. I loved how she took the time to give us some background for each song; more than once I found myself with a lump in my throat. The acoustic guitar, Dana’s various shaken instruments, the claps of the crowd, and Dana stomping the shit out of the stage made it seem like she was literally going to shake the building down to it’s foundation. That’s what I call a concert.

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