Sep 172008

This month at my job, we have Miley Cyrus’s “7 Things” song on our DVD. If you know me at all, you could probably guess that I hate this song. I am now going to explain why.

“It was awesome but we lost it It’s not possible for me not to care

And now we’re standing in the rain

But nothin’s ever gonna change until you’re here, my dear “

What did you care about when you were 15? I think for me it was Thundercats (Liono…purr) and X-Men: The Trading Card Game. It wasn’t relationships or love.

“And the 7th thing I hate the most that you do

You make me love you”

And just where does a fifteen year old Disney channel zombie get these emotions? I didn’t even register the feeling of romantic love until I was 18 or 19. Am I developmentally challenged, or is Ms. Cyrus a hormonal and confused pre-teen, who probably just found her first hair down there?

I think when you’re 15, the Disney channel owns you, and you make almost $4 million a year you probably haven’t had too many gut-wrenching relationships. Unless you count a 2-year fling with a Jonas Brother. This coupled with public cooing over her multiple personality syndrome makes reinforces my idea that we as Americans know nothing about what should be classified as entertainment.

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