Sep 162008

So my birthday is tomorrow, and I’m not feeling any older. Is that a good thing, or does it mean I’m immature? I’ll be 27, which feels a little too close to 30 for comfort to me. I think 30 is the age when you have to start combing your hair to the side, with a part. 30 is the age you quit shopping at Urban Outfitters and get on the L.L. Bean catalog list.

What’s the next milestone age after 21? Is it 55 when you get a discount on the Grand Slam breakfast at Denny’s? If so, I’ll stay in my 20’s forever, thank you very much. Should I give up on “childish” video games like Pokémon by now (it’s more complex than you’ll ever know so stfu! >_<) and take up bridge?

Maybe it’s just because I am almost done with my 20’s that I think this, but I really feel age is relative. There is no way for someone to “act their age” or “dress their age”, because a person might not feel like the age it gives on their birth certificate. There is no reason why me, or anyone else should have to change who they are or what they’re interested in simply because of the cruel passage of time. That act would truly be one of cruelity.

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