Jun 192008

I think the elevating gas prices are funny. How long did we think we could continue to overconsume without consequences? American culture tells us we’re the best, but we can’t sustain the energy needs of our own country.

Doesn’t sound like the best to me.

Maybe this current fuel crisis will force our lawmakers to subsidise businesses and organizations that are working on cleaner and greener energy. What good has giving money to oil companies done?


What good has a war in the Middle East done?


I think we deserve what’s coming to us and then some.

  One Response to “Serves us right!”

  1. I KNOW, we’ve got a lot of nerve being surprised. And I love how everyone is scrambling to come up with a plan to squeeze EVERY last drop of oil out of the earth, instead of making the MUCH easier, cheaper, more logical transition to clean water, wind, electric power. I feel like our country is run by monkeys…but not even smart ones, zoo monkeys at best.

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