Sep 132006

We just had a new person move in below us, after a full year of having one of our good friends live there. He’s been there for a week, and twice he’s been up to complain about us being “noisy”. Has this son of a bitch ever lived in an apartment before?!

This afternoon he came up and was like, “Hey man…your TV’s a bit loud again.” I was perplexed, because I didn’t have anything on at the time. He said it was going on a half hour ago. Of course, being me, I had a totally different reaction in my head than I did in real-life.

Imaginary reaction:
It’s 11:00 in the freaking afternoon! You can’t be bothered by noise then! This is a college town, and small building of apartments. Get over yourself!

Real reaction:
Gee, well, I’m real sorry. We’ll try to keep it down more.

He tried to justify his wussy complaining by saying he works a lot and only gets to study in the day time. He must have missed the fact that we are three blocks from the student union, which is chalked full of beautiful, quiet rooms made just for studying. Why should I have to change my lifestyle of the last four years just because he has sensitive freaking ears?

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