Jul 042006

Should God Really Bless America?

(I started this on the fourth, but was unable to finish it until today.)
Another Independence Day here, and I find myself thinking about something other than drinking beer and playing with low-grade explosives for the first time I can remember. On a day when we celebrate our “freedom” and our escape from tyranny, it seems only fair to me to think of the shoulders we stood on (or people we stepped on, if you will) to get to this point in our grand nation’s history.

I’m not going to go into a history lesson about the oppression of Native American people. When this tragedy was happening, our white ancestors were convinced it was their heavenly ordained duty to tame the then-savage land and her heathen people. These same white ancestors are the ones who condoned slavery and built the foundations of an industrial society on the backs of black men.

In the present days of America, we feel it is our duty to police the world, to make it safe for “democracy”. The course of actions we take to achieve these means usually turns us into a nation of vicious war mongers, feeding our never-ending thirst for blood, money, and oil.

I may not call myself a Christian these days, but I know the Bible better than some in the secular world. To the best of my knowledge, god has never blessed a nation that has exhibited the behavior we have in the last couple of centuries; he usually smites them.

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