Jun 232006

Well, I mean that sarcastically really. (Go figure…me…sarcastic? Psh.)

I had to drive up to Indianapolis for a meeting with other managers from my company on Wednesday. About halfway through the meeting during a short break, my regional manager comes up to be and says in his “hush hush” voice, “You might want to call your store and see if it opened or not. BJ called yesterday to say he wouldn’t work out his notice.”

Well, at first I thought he was joking. A few years ago when I worked for the company before, my regional manager (who was then a lesser, “area manager”) and the guy who was my regional at the time decided to faux-fire me on April fools day. I was scarred for life. So needless to say, I thought this was just the sort of line he would find amusing.

Once I cleared up that this was no joke, I talked to my manager and found out it was all true.

Which means I got my promotion early! YAY!

Which also means I will be working 120398429867523987 a day until I get another manager hired. BOO!

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