Jun 192006

Yes! Yesterday we got to leave work 30 minutes early due to some fool kid setting a whole pile of trash on fire in our mall. First we had to evacuate, and then later they had big fans out to blow the smoke out but the fire department said we all had to leave. I made it back into my store long enough to get our deposit ready.

I hope something cool happens today!

  One Response to “Fire!”

  1. A couple months back, CompUSA next door decided to have a barbeque in the back of their store. They had so much lighter fluid on this fire, that it’s a wonder that the entire place didn’t blow up. Due to the direction of the wind, the scent filled our building through the ventilation and we were forced to close for about 30mins. while the FD came out to see what was happening.As we were finally piling back into the store, some smugass CompUSA walks by our front door, smirking. We scowled at him and said to next time bring us food.

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