Jun 062006

I don’t know if it’s really appopriate to say that I’m “enjoying” my new job, but it is very easy. I’ve been at Journeys (again) for about a month now, and I have yet to have that feeling of dread wash over me that I got so frequently at Pac Sun. I have so muc freedom to do what I want visually in the store, as lots of time to actually SELL to customers, instead of constantly working on tasks.

Joey and I have finally begun to make serious plans toward moving out of Indiana. After a discussion with my mother about the upcoming hurricane season in Florida (which is where we originally intended on living), we decided that Georgia might be a better place for all of us. By moving there we will be away from snow for the most part, near my mom (FINALLY!), and it won’t be nearly as far away from Joey’s family as we would have been in Florida. Plus, if my mom moves north to Georgia, she will be considerably closer to some dear friends of hers who are moving as well. Seems like it’s going to be a great ans exciting transition for all involved! Except Joey’s mom, who I am sure will be heartbroken. (;_;)

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